The Kootenay Lift Studio offers energy healing and Qi Gong services in the Kootenay region.

A safe space to explore a deeper realm within yourself 

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Meet Jackie Steiner

Hello and Welcome. I am Jackie Steiner, Qi Gong teacher, coach and mentor. I have spent the last 3 decades exploring and learning about the healing arts, and traveling the world. Also during this time was a caregiver for both parents through illness and passing.

After having burn out and filled with anxiety and having panic attacks I stepped back to learn deeper ways to transform and free childhood trauma and more. As I continue my journey in learning I've decided its time to share some of the tools I've learnt on this beautiful and interesting exploration of the self and the magic that we all are.

teacher, coach and mentor

The Kootenay Lift Studio offers energy healing and Qi Gong services in the Kootenay Region in British Columbia. 

Kootenay School of Rebalancing

Goal Success Coaching

Power of awareness training with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield

Mindfulness Stress Reduction with Steve Flowers

Soma Dao Qi Gong with Dr. Michael Smith

Certified Holden Qi Gong Instructor

Cat Kabira Energy School

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1:1 Qi Gong Sessions

Qi Gong Classes

One on one is more of an in depth session with your posture, movements, meditation and flows to help guide you as you cultivate a regular practice.As this in time will result in a more relaxed, peaceful, energized, and strong person. 

We offer intimate classes to practice and cultivate life force energy through breathing techniques, stretching, flow exercises, and meditation. These practices can help with relaxation, stress reduction, and bring more energy and flow into your daily life.

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Want to strengthen your wellness practices? Or do you simply want to learn how to better ground yourself in this turbulent world? Learn the healing powers of Qi Gong by joining our live classes!

Through my guided classes, I offer a wide range of effective grounding tools that have enabled many of my old students to access a deeper layer within their practice. Be prepared for a transformative journey of inner healing and discovery. 

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Take a peek at our free resource library for videos and blog posts that will uplevel your Qi Gong and other powerful wellness practices. 


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