Being Your Own Healer

To be your own healer takes courage. To look, see and sit with the deep waves of aches and vulnerabilities. The courage to sit and watch this energy shift as you embrace it with comfort, and curiosity. As you ask the pain or discomfort what it needs?
Of course you can have someone there to witness with loving intentions but ultimately it’s you that is the greatest healer for yourself.
There are so many different tools out there, but to find the tools that suite your being for that moment in time. The tools you do find are gifts to bring an opening of awareness that change can happen. That shift of perception in the moment of deep awareness. The opening of the holding pattern as it sends a rush through the body and ripples through your field.

Here are a few tools that may help on your journey:

  1. Walking meditation or a slow hike.

A silent walk by yourself or with others. This can help bring the body and mind into sync while walking. Turning your phone off. Bringing your awareness to your feet on the earth and your breath. As I’ve experienced walking and sitting meditations in retreat it was interesting to notice the difference between the two. The change in what’s happening within the body and mind. Try it and see what you feel. As you walk be curious, maybe slow down your pace a little. Also walking meditation is a good alternative if you don’t like to sit and meditate.

2. Qi Gong

Qi meaning “life force”, Gong meaning “to cultivate or build “. So Qi Gong is the practice of cultivating life force energy. As we become stressed, tense or unwell our energy becomes stuck, stagnant or deficient. Qi Gong as a regular practice can help our Qi “energy” to relax, become healthier and bring more flow of energy into our bodies.

For short practices check out my YouTube channel, or if you’d like a more in depth practice please contact me and we can talk about different practices for you.

3. Sitting in nature

This is a beautiful mindfulness practice. Taking some time to sit quietly in nature. This can help to reduce stress. In some countries they call this forest bathing, how beautiful. If you’d like to bring a journal to document your thoughts, or just sit and enjoy the surroundings. What do you see, hear, smell?
As this is all for you in your healing journey, explore more deeply what you love. Sometimes I sit with different stones or enjoy exploring different aromatherapy blends. As I walk in nature sometimes a tree is calling and I go over for a hug. It’s all in exploration and being curious on the shifts within your being. Maybe it’s a little inner smile that changes your cells to become lighter when you’re frustrated with the long line at the grocery store.
What are some tools you have that can help right now? What would you like to explore to help balance your being as you move forward on this journey of your life?

Have a wonderful day or evening wherever you are.



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