The Breath and Qi Gong

Breathing being the key source and commander of Qi “Life force energy”. It is one of the things we can consciously control if we bring awareness to it. Breath can be a bridge between the mind and body, as you begin to work with the breath and awareness you can learn to destress and cultivate more energy. In Qi Gong we learn different ways to use our breath. As I’ve noticed and you may also have noticed when stressed breathing becomes more shallow and short, when relaxed it’s more deep and full. With awareness we can consciously shift our nervous system from fight or flight to relaxed and calmer energy through changing our breath.
“ Breathing through the nose is the body’s primary defence against germs, impurities, dust, and bacteria entering the lungs, the bloodstream, and the body.” Lee Holden “When you breathe through the mouth there is a tendency to only fill up the chest” Lee Holden

See for yourself, try both types of breath and check in to see if you feel a difference.

The three breathing techniques we’ll be exploring today are:

  1. Abdominal Breath
  2. Wave Breath
  3. Cleansing Breath

Abdominal Breathing:

We place our hands onto our lower belly, taking long, deep, smooth breaths. In through the nose and out through the nose. Feeling your abdomen expand into your hands on the in breath and on the out breath relaxing into the lower back area. This can help to reduce stress.

Wave Breathing:

We place one hand on the lower abdomen and the other hand on our chest. Taking a long, slow, deep breath from the belly through the ribs then chest and back down from the chest through the ribs and back to the abdomen and relaxing it towards the lower spine. Breathing in through the nose and out through the nose. This breathing technique helps to harmonize and balance the body’s systems.

Cleaning Breath:

As doing the same breath as the abdominal breathing. Breathing in through the nose and out through the nose then at the bottom of the exhale finish with letting more breath out through the mouth. This helps empty the lungs to allow more oxygen into the body for renewed circulation and energy into the body.

As you try these techniques always be gentle and aware on how your body and energies are shifting and changing. This work is solely for personal growth and education.

Also check out my YouTube channel where I use these techniques with movement.

Jackie Steiner


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