Bobcat Totem and Wisdom

Hi to whoever is reading this, welcome!

I’ve spent a lot of my energy quite confused and judging myself on what to write for my first blog entry.  I wanted to say something very profound.  This wasn’t working, just making me more frustrated lol.  Instead I decided to write about just me and my journeys.  Enjoy!

Yesterday as my husband Mark and I were driving into town we saw a young bobcat run across the road.  He scurried and jumped quite frantically, scared yet playful.  We decided to look up bobcat totem and wisdom.  They have magnificent hunting skills and know how to plan a means of reaching their goal quietly.  They take their time, no rushing.  The symbolism of patience and tenacity.

So beautiful to have seen this little guy and how greatly he’s helped me today.  It was a little scared being around traffic.  As we all are at times scared when we enter into new things, new beginnings.  As I am at this time writing a blog with a new website and many new adventures happening. 

Though the little guy was playful within the fear.  What beautiful guidance from nature.  To be playful, patient and curious also silent to look within to find your own answers in these times we’re in.

Thank you for reading.  Have a beautiful day.

  1. Risa Salsberg says:

    From the heart……………………….

    Love this………………………

    What a wonderful adventure…………….

    I am so glad you are sharing your wisdom and deep kindness. You will make a superb contribution.


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